They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. Perfect photos of your dog holding a biscuit in her nose are rare. It is priceless.

It is not easy to get the perfect shot. We end up with blurry, dull photos that don’t capture the true essence of our dog’s personality.

How do pet photographers do it? What’s the secret to a great puppy photo session? One that is worth sharing on social media. How can you capture that one picture that will make you gasp?

It is not easy to get the perfect dog photo. These tricks can help your dog become an Insta-star fashionista.

Keep cool, calm, collected

Relaxed surroundings will help your model-in-training give her best performance. Avoid areas with high noise levels and distractions as they can hinder your chances of getting the perfect shot. If you are photographing a dog that is anxious or hyperactive, this is a crucial consideration.

It is equally important to make sure your dog is comfortable using the camera. You should make sure your dog is comfortable with the camera.

It is best to begin slowly. Your dog should be able to smell the camera before you begin clicking. You can also turn off the flash to keep your dog from being distracted while you are shooting.

Use lighting to your advantage

We all know lighting is a key factor in photography. We might not be professional photographers so we don’t know how lighting affects our photos. These are some tips to help you get the lighting right.

The best way to shoot in natural light is first. A room that has adequate natural light is best for indoor candid shots. You will need to experiment a lot before you can find the right time for indoor dog photos. Be patient.

It’s best to avoid direct sunlight when you are outdoors. Instead, aim for the “golden hour”, which photographers refer to as shortly after sunrise or just before sundown. Cloudy days are better for outdoor photography than bright sunlight. For better results, avoid shooting in the sun.

Turn off the flash, no matter what you do. A dog with red eyes is not cute.

These angles should be taken into consideration

Most people have learned to use selfies to their advantage. Put those skills to use for your dog companion! To capture the perfect shot, experiment with various camera angles. Photograph your dog from all angles. It’s possible to get the most interesting, unique shot.

Smile at your dog!

The one where your dog’s tongue is dangling makes him look silly. It’s hard to beat. How do you get your dog smile?

It’s easy, just take your dog outside to have a vigorous play session. When your dog starts to pant, grab your camera and capture that happy smile.

Find your muses

Are there any Instagram accounts that capture the same aesthetic as you are shooting with your dog? Look at the photos of your favorite pet accounts. What is it about these photos that appeals to you? What is it about the photographer’s unique setting or use of props? Take inspiration from their methods and try to imitate them. You might be surprised at what you can do.

Get low, get low

Your photos will look more intimate and up-close if you crouch down to your dog. Instead of looking at him through your lens, you can see the world through Fido’s eyes. This is very useful when you are cruising to get Instagram likes.

It’s worth it for your dog

Dogs can take a bit of coaxing to see a camera. You might try motivating them with their favorite treats. If you are concerned about your dog’s calorie intake, carrots can be a great choice. If you want to capture a playful picture of your dog’s tongue sticking out, give him peanut butter and snap away!

Your dog might not be very food-driven so a favorite toy squeaky toys can keep him interested until you capture the perfect shot.

Go natural

A well-staged photo can make a memorable and funny image. Photograph candid shots of your dog being just a dog are important. Here, spontaneity can work for you. This is a great way to capture your dog’s unique personality in a moment.

Equipment is important, but not too much!

It doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment in order to capture some memorable photos of your dog. It doesn’t hurt to have some spare cash.

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment. A tripod will allow you to use your hands more efficiently and provide a stable photo. You can also set a timer to allow you to pose with your dog. You can call it the “perfect holiday card”

Get some primping

We are not suggesting that you give your dog a new haircut. Give Fido a quick brush to clean his eyes. You can also brush his hair to get rid of any unattractive particles.

Choose your background wisely

Although your dog is the star of the show you should not underestimate the power of a background. On the flip side, don’t forget about how distracting and ugly a pile or laundry can be in a photo otherwise beautiful.

Also, consider the color of your dog’s coat. A white dog might look drab against a white wall. Be aware of any obstacles that could hinder a photo shoot. You won’t be happy if your dog appears to have a branch growing out of his head.

Pros with experience will use the blur effect on their cameras to make the background less distracting, making their dogs the focal point.


With some carefully chosen additions, your dog’s photos can tell a story. To make your photos more interesting, you might consider adding blankets, toys, or even bow ties to your dog’s pictures. If you plan to dress your dog up, make sure he is willing to participate. Props can be used to bring out bright colors in your photos.

Edit it!

The details are what make good photography. If you want your Instagram account shine, learn basic editing skills. There are many editing programs available, so choose one that suits your level of expertise. There are PicMonkey and Snapseed. Lightroom is another option. Adobe Photoshop is also available. You can make a huge difference in the lighting and color saturation of your photos.

Be Patient

It’s not easy to explain to your dog why you want him sit still, while you constantly push your phone into his face. Do not lose sight of this fact as you try to capture the best shots of your dog. If your dog is refusing to play with you or pose for you, don’t get discouraged.

Make sure to take lots of photos

When you try to take their photo, dogs are like little toddlers who squirm. It is very unlikely that you will get the perfect shot the first time. Photographers often take multiple shots of the exact same subject during a photo shoot. You can increase your chances of getting a perfect shot of your dog’s expression by taking lots of photos. You can always go back and edit any that you don’t like.

Have fun!

This is not meant to be a tedious chore. It should be fun and bonding to photograph your furry friend. You might need to take a break if you are not enjoying the process.

You’re always looking for new ways to enjoy your dog with you. Why not improve your photography skills and let your little starlet shine! To create Insta-worthy photos of your dog that you will treasure for the rest of your life, all it takes is patience, practice, and a bit luck.

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