Material selection is more important than people realize. You think about what you wear when you shop for clothes. Denim is hard-wearing, cotton is cool and crisp, cotton is stretchy and comfortable, and synthetics are special for water resistance and silk feels luxurious against the skin. You can go on and on.

The same applies to selecting a sex toys. Materials such as silicone, plastic rubber, and glass all have different looks and perform differently. It’s up to you what you want from your sex toys and what your budget will allow. Here is a list of the most common materials, along with their pros & cons.

An announcement for public health

Latex allergy is a factor that affects around 6 percent of the population. This number rises to 10% among healthcare workers who are frequently exposed to latex in disposable gloves. This is a problem that can be avoided when it comes to sex toys. Most toys do not contain latex and are clearly labeled. Before you buy, make sure to check the packaging and online descriptions.

Phthalates are a group that makes plastics flexible. You might also want to avoid them. There have been studies that show phthalates can cause adverse health effects in areas such as asthma and male fertility. Regulatory bodies are taking the issue seriously. The majority of sex toys manufacturers have removed phthalates from their products. They now use more gentle softening agents that are better for the body.

Let’s move on to the best materials and textures for become a sex toy tester.


ABS plastic is hardy, hygienic, and low-maintenance and is a favorite for classic vibrators and bullets. Plastic transmits vibrations very well and provides strong, firm stimulation. Plastic is compatible with all lubricants, and it’s easy to clean. You can get a smoother touch by choosing “smooth coated” plastic that has had a rubber-based coating or polyurethane.

Rubber that is skin-safe

This versatile, smooth material is also known as TPE/TPR (thermoplastic epoxy/rubber). It is softer than hard plastics and can be used to create toys with different levels and firmness. You can use it with water-based lubes but there might be a slight ‘nail polish smell’ due to its chemical makeup.

Realistic feeling

This broad term refers to sex toys that are made from tactile materials and designed to look and feel natural, especially toys for men like Fleshlights. CyberSkin is a name for the same elastomer-based material.

Realistic materials have porous surfaces. To keep them soft and velvety, it is important to thoroughly clean them and use a renewal powder. These materials are compatible with water-based oils, but some people may find the rubbery taste and smell of these materials to be unpleasant.


It’s no surprise that Silicone is gaining popularity. It is silky smooth and can be used to make beautiful, high-end sex toys. It is also non-porous so it is easy to clean and lasts a long time. As luxury toys such as the Lovehoney Desire , toys from brands like Lelo or Fifty Shades of Grey are made of silicone, so is the Lovehoney Desire .

Silicone toys don’t contain phthalate or latex, have no odour and taste nothing. Many silicone toys can be taken into the bath or shower, even though they have electrical insides. You can’t use silicone-based lubricants with them. Stick to water-based.


Latex, a flexible, smooth rubber, can be made into many different shapes including inflatable sex toys. The latex has a smooth surface that can be polished using a silicone-based oil to give it a shiny, wet-look look. Although it does need to be taken care of in order to extend its life expectancy, some people find the slight scent irritating. However, there are many latex enthusiasts who will not let this stop them from using it.

Jelly rubber

Flexible jelly rubber, which is one of the most affordable materials available, is no longer in fashion for sex toys. Although it can be shaped or coloured to any specifications, jelly rubbers may contain phthalates so make sure to check the packaging.

Metal and glass

Although metal and glass toys may seem scary, they are very practical, versatile, and easy to use. These materials are not porous and look great. They can also be sterilised and waterproof.

Borosilicate glass won’t break if dropped and glass toys have a heavy feel, which can be a plus for some people. Glass and metal are rigid enough to provide prostate stimulation and excellent g-spot.

These toys can also be heated or cooled for sensory play. This adds an additional dimension to your bedroom adventures.