How To Store Garden Tools Outside

How To Store Garden Tools Outside
How To Store Garden Tools Outside

Gardeners tend to store their tools in the garage, or store. Sometimes, however, there may be too much stuff in your garage to store your gardening tools. What do you do in such a situation? What do you do? Do you let your tools go out in the open, exposing them to the elements and rust? This is the question we are going to answer. You can store your tools outdoors, provided you use safety mechanisms and methods as we will see. Let’s see how to store your garden tools outdoors.

How to store garden tools outside – Places that are suitable

Your tools can be stored in an outdoor shed

This is a great way to store your gardening tools outdoors. You can make your garage look like it is about to vomit by building a shed and storing your tools outside. You can do it yourself to erect your shade. You can also buy a pre-made shade online to be ready for your tools. You will have the option to choose from a variety of sheds, including steel, plastic or wood.

There are many factors to consider when installing or building your she’d. It is important to consider the location of your installation. It is important to choose a location that is slightly raised and not susceptible to flooding. You should erect your she’d near a wall. It will provide additional she’d, and if built well, you can use the wall to hold your tools.

Make the most of the shed on your roof

Your garden tools can be stored in a garage roof extension. Install handers and nails to hang the tools on the walls. To make the shade more spacious, you can expand it a bit. Make sure you have a gutter installed to drain rainwater from your roof’s base. Otherwise, it could reach your tools.

Install a small mailbox in your yard

Newport Plus Mailbox Post - Mayne Post

A small mailbox can be purchased and placed within your plants. To protect the mailbox from rusting or other dangers, you can raise it with a piece wood. The mailbox can be used as a storage area for your gardening tools. This makes it easy to have the tools in your garden at all times.

Use a bucket

A bucket can be used as a tool storage container. It is weatherproof, which means your tools are protected from water and other weather conditions. The bucket can hold small and medium-sized tools such as hand rakes or gardening shears, and hand shovels. To prevent the bucket from being damaged by the sun, it is best to shade it or use natural shade such as under a tree.

Wooden bench with storage

You can kill two birds with one stone. A bench can be constructed and used to store storage boxes. Then, place your tools into these boxes and slide them underneath the bench. You should make sure the bench’s top is waterproof. If you have more resources, you may also want to cover the sides.

Make an outdoor garden hose holder

Although a garden hose can be bulky, it does not need to take up too much space in your garage or store. You can make an outdoor garden-hose holder that can withstand the rain. Simply get a sturdy wood pole and lift it. Attach a hook to the pole. To secure your pole, wrap your garden hose around it. This will allow you to easily access it and prevent entanglement.

Simple outdoor coffee tables are possible

A simple coffee table can be built in your yard. To make your garden tools safe and secure, cover the top with waterproof material. You can also add a lockable door so that the tools are safe from your children.

You will need to prepare your tools for the weather. You should pay attention to moisture. Before you store your tools, make sure to clean them thoroughly.

Apply linseed oil on metal tools to prevent rust. This is because even if the tools are left outside overnight, they won’t be affected by damp conditions. Linseed oil can also be used to protect timber handles from moisture damage.

How do you store tools in the shade?

While erecting a shade is important, it doesn’t mean that you will just leave the tools under the shed. It is outside so their tools are vulnerable to weather elements, rust and other degrading. Now, we need to find innovative ways to keep our tools safe from floods and mist or water from rain. There are many ways you can do this.

We can use studs to elevate our tools from the ground. Many garden tools have holes in the ends or handles. These Neil’s can be used to hang tools from the holes. If you don’t have holes, the handles can be used.


Although it isn’t a new idea to store garden tools outdoors, it requires a lot more innovation to ensure they are safe from the elements. You can first prepare your tools for storage according to this article. Next, store them securely under a shade or under a backyard bench, in mailboxes, in a bucket, or even in a box. To avoid rusting, make sure your tools are not on the ground.