It’s hard to believe that Grand Theft Auto V has been around for eight years. The game continues to be popular and players all over the globe continue to take every bit of it, even before the inevitable Grand Theft Auto VI arrives .

Modding has made the game more enjoyable year after year. There are ten mods that can add a lot of fun to V in 2021. Find out how to get
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10 GTA 2.0 Remastered

While there are many visual mods available for GTA to improve the graphics, few can do so with the same level of fidelity as GTA remastered. This mod adds props to the game’s vast world to enhance the immersion and interactivity.

Although the results might not be immediately apparent, side-by-side comparisons can make a big difference. The world is fleshed out with huge palm trees, shrubs, additional vegetation, and other items that give it more life and realism. It’s almost real life when you add a nice graphic overhaul mod.

9 Vice Cry: Remastered

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a highly regarded game. The Vice City: Remastered mod is a port from an older creation that was brought to GTA IV. It is a add-on DLC package that accurately recreates Vice City.

This is not an Grand Theft Auto V complete conversion. means that there are no original missions, voice acting, or cutscenes. This mod aims to recreate the essence of this particular city and its aesthetics. It remains to be seen where it will go from there.

8 Police and Crime Rebalance & Enhancement

The lack of responsive AI is a major complaint GTAV players, especially when it comes down to the fuzz. Police Rebalance and Enhancement aims to remedy all of that by making the city’s police force more like the real thing. With a sense for realism, the entire system was reworked.

Cops won’t swarm in fully-armed anymore. Instead, they will respond realistically to each felony level. Gunfights have been balanced better to allow players to stay longer in firefights, and stealth mechanics have been stepped up. Animals no longer report crime, which should be obvious.

7 Simple Zombies

Despite having been around for two decades, the zombie craze remains very popular. It is not surprising that someone would use the vast open world of Grand Theft Auto V in order to create a paradise for post-apocalyptic survivalists. Simplified Zombie is the result, which is admittedly an extremely cool conversion mod.

The city is a wreck and the undead are swarming every street, alleyway, and neighborhood. Survival is the goal. This means that you must move carefully and not make noise. You also need to eat, drink, and sleep. This is just a small part of the great package.

6 LSPD First Respondent

The Grand Theft Auto series’ entire concept is to allow criminal fantasies to unfold in a safe and secure environment. The franchise’s main attraction is its use of humor and satire to market the package. Many gamers would like to experience the game in a new pair of shoes.

Enter LSP First Response, which is a complete conversion mod that transforms GTA V into an enforcement game. This mod gives players unprecedented freedom and allows them to abuse their authority or protect the community. The game also features high-speed pursuits, shootouts, and arrests. It’s an entertaining way to switch the narrative.

5 Gta5KoRn Pack for 48 cars

GTA modders are familiar with the ability to add custom cars anytime, even real-life models such as Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari, and Ferrari. This is an excellent option for people who want to experience the real world in a more realistic way.

There are many options, but GTa5KoRn’s 48-Car Pack is the best. This pack adds a variety of cars from different manufacturers to the game, giving you a wide range of options. Car mods require that you follow all instructions.

4 GTA Realism

GTA Reality is a popular visual overhaul mod for GTAV. It’s been a favourite for quite some time. This mod adds many features to the game, including a high-resolution Crystal Reality visual texture pack. However, this mod does more than just add eye candy. It also overhauls key gameplay elements.

Bug fixes, optimization improvements, and script changes to game’s enemies, weapons, and AI systems are all built in. Cops are now more deadly, the combat and physics systems have been improved, and weapons affect in-game environments more realistically. It is definitely worth a look.

3 Real Life Mod

Real Life MOD is another mod that attempts to capture realism at its best. The name refers to the fact that the game’s play mechanics have been modified to make it more real. All aspects of the game, including vehicles and health, are affected as well as AI interactions.

A drawn weapon can be a source of ire for police and could result in a possible felony rating. The health mechanics have been updated to include an adrenaline burst system. Cars can be ejected with the engine running or shut down completely if the Exit key remains down for too long. You’ll find many new features that can spice up the gameplay and make GTA V more hostile for the reckless player.

2 Visual V

V is a popular mod for graphics overhaul in the GTA 1 modding community. It’s also a very well-known mod. This mod makes the game’s visuals and lighting more realistic.

There are many fixes, such as a draw distance of lights, better shadow quality, elimination of dithering effects, and a better cloud system. Visual V’s side-by-side video comparisons are amazing. It’s difficult to go back and play the vanilla game when you have been so spoiled.

1 Open All Interiors

The cardboard cutouts are one of the most frustrating aspects of large open-world games. Many of the buildings look great from the outside but very few have interior exploration options. This results in a loss of freedom and exploration, as the plot is very thin.

All Interiors aims to change this by creating fully explorable interiors whenever possible. Although it may not seem like much at first, it can make the game world more believable. This can affect gameplay as it allows players to run away from police pursuits and shootouts.