Attack on Titan: A Review

The Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan manga) was recently ended. However, the author’s attitude toward his world and his main characters are troubling.

Attack On Titan was one of the most popular manga series in the past decade. Readers of the famed franchise waited patiently each month to find out the secrets behind these colossal creatures and why they were so determined on eating all human life. This world, created by mangaka Hajime Itayama, was full of cruelty and no compassion for its inhabitants. There was little to cheer about.

Isayama places people in this world in great danger and despair, as if they are getting a sick sense of satisfaction from it. Isayama’s main characters are the most affected, and it is hard to believe that they could have been worse off being eaten by a giant.

If you don’t know much about manga, it’s a story that tells the story of how humanity, or at least what it is, has built three walls to protect itself against the titans. They are omnivorous and eat only humans.

You can feel the first bit of Isayama’s cruelty from the fact that titans don’t need humans to survive. They rely on sunlight for their energy. They do it instinctively as if getting a twisted kick from it. Most of the time, a titan will smile and eat a person.

Although the story centers on three children, Eren Yeager and Mikasa, Armin Arlert is also featured, a supporting cast of tragic characters is included. Eren rushes to his mother after the attack by a giant — or “colossal,” — titan on one of the three walls mentioned and the city they live within, Her body is discovered under a heap of rubble. She was unable to escape. A soldier named Hannes carries Eren away with Mikasa and Mikasa, but not before the little boy watches as his mother is transformed into a titan-chow. This is just the beginning.

The story continues, and we’re getting into some spoilers now, Eren is betrayed and made to feel guilty by his former comrades. He discovers his father has turned him into a titan, force-fed his son to him, and watches helplessly as Hannes is eaten by the titan that killed his mother. Eren also learns that the place he believed was the entire world ended up being just a small island. After being exposed to all this and surviving, Eren can control all titans. He then commits mass genocide to exterminate over 80% of the world’s population. You’re so nice!

You would be wrong to think that Eren is the only one Isayama loves torturing. Mikasa is the next in line. She watches her parents being brutally murdered right in front of her eyes and is then taken by random thugs to be sold. She is saved by Eren and commits her first murder before she turns ten. After that, she lives with Eren and his family until their house becomes unlivable. She, Eren, and Armin decide to all join the military because they have nowhere else to go. As Eren, the man she loves is repeatedly kidnapped and tortured, she watches in horror as he slowly spirals into madness. He then comes back several years later to tell her how he hates her and all she stands for. She is forced to kill Eren herself to save humanity. He’s still holding his head between her arms, and she walks slowly towards his grave.

Armin is a little genius who can be helpless in a physical fight, but his quick wits have saved him and his friends from many difficult situations. Armin’s story begins when his parents are sent off to die in a purge to reduce the world’s population following the attack by the colossal titan. He continues to torture his friends and kill someone from close range. Throughout the series, Armin experiences multiple emotional breakdowns. Although he doesn’t have the same problems as the rest, his situation is more severe than others due to his pre-existing anxiety.

There’s also Reiner Braun, an international man sent on a mission to infiltrate the area where our story takes place. Reiner is a powerful armored titan. However, after three years of training with the cadets, he begins to lose himself in his mission and develops the split-personality syndrome. He finds that the weight of all he has done is too much for him to bear, and begins to look for freedom in death.

Krysta — sorry, Historia Reiss — another character with a tragic past is Krysta — sorry — Historia Reiss. She’s a beautiful young girl who was born on a farm and is heir to the royal family. Historia meets an older woman, who turns out to be her sister. However, her memories are altered so that she forgets them. Historia is allowed to only keep the memories of her mother. She doesn’t Show Seriesany compassion towards her at all and instead kicks and screams “Why didn’t I kill you?” whenever Historia comes near her. Historia’s mother, Historia, is brutally killed in front of her eyes. Are you ready to have a conversation? Historia continues to hide her true identity and enlists in the army under “Krysta Leonz”, where she meets another tragic figure, Ymir.

Reiner is also from the same country as Ymir, but she is not a soldier. Instead, she was sent to prison for pretending to be a goddess in an unrelated cult. This was done by “cruel adults”. The titan is transformed into her and she wanders for 60 years before finally finding Reiner. He is quickly eaten up by her, and she returns to her human form. Historia and Historia become fast friends. (Or even more, as fanfic writers would have it!) Until Reiner and Bertholdt, his friend, reveal who they were, Reiner takes her back and has her executed by titan-munching. Historia lost her only friend, after a tragic childhood. That’s nice!

Others, like Jean, Connie, and Sasha, are subject to similar fates. They are terrorized by titans and watched as their friends and families get eaten. Some even survive, only to be killed by a stray bullet.

Hajime Isayama Renewed TV Shows a unique way of torturing his creations. It would be horrible to live in a world he created. I also want to know how he came up with this story. You don’t just wake up and create something like this. Nor does it happen by reading books or watching Netflix. He had to find something that was deep and truly depressing to inspire him to write this.

The survivors find themselves in a world with no titans and on the brink of war, even as the story ends. Through his characters, he suggests that humanity will continue to quarrel with itself “until one or fewer people are standing”, which is a very troubling message to forget.

Even more concerning is the growing popularity of this manga among younger viewers. It may seem like a cartoonish manga that is okay for teenagers or young adults, but it’s not! Its themes and messages are not appropriate for those of these ages. Although the story was interesting, the constant pushes of themes of war, despair, and misery are concerning.

Although I do not know the reason Hajime Isayama wrote this monstrosity I am certain that he will soon find his way out. Human nature is not so frightening. It has a bright side too.